xbox 360 or ps3 yahoo answers

4. prosince 2011 v 10:19

xbox 360 or ps3 yahoo answers

Best Answer: I'd go with PS3 as the best, 360 in the middle, and Wii as the worst. Here's why: 1) PS3 has incredible potential, much more than 360. If you look at .
Best Answer: You should get the xbox 360. it is way better for many reasons. 1. the games are amazing, for example: halo 3, gears of war, etc. 2. Yes, i know you .
Best Answer: You asked this on the xbox section..guess what kind of answers your gonna get.. PS3 Slim New Model Pros- Pros - Better graphics on first party games like .
Background. Ok, here's the deal on consoles in 2008. You have three choices, the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3. If you didn't know that much, you'd .
Best Answer: Switch PS3 with xbox 360 in your sentence and you'll have the correct answer. . more xbox 360 have been sold and more xbox 360 games are .
Best Answer: Xbox i am sure you wont be confused after buying! Here is the bestselling XBox 360 bundle right now in the market: And here .
Best Answer: I would go with the Xbox slim. It is like you said, capable of better graphics. It is also a more user friendly system, while PS3 is all about specs and .
Best Answer: Wii . ps3 by far!!! just the way xbox 360 or ps3 yahoo answers it is and the music is perfect . wii's are pretty dumb there's just like 2 chinese guys who are like "Can wii play .

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