headier, headiest, headily, headiness

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heading 1. the angle between the direction of an aircraft and a specified meridian, often due north 2. the compass direction parallel to the keel of a vessel heading .
Headhunter A popular term for a person
Acronym Definition; HDG(C) Heading Compass: How to thank TFD for its existence?

headier, headiest, headily, headiness

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Definition of headhunter from select business dictionary. . An individual or company that locates and recruits managers for businesses and government clients.
*big) head. a hangover. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Oh, man, that booze gave me a big head! Tom has a head this morning and won't be coming into work.
adjective, head�i�er, head�i�est. 1. intoxicating: a heady wine. 2. affecting the mind or senses greatly: heady perfume. 3. exciting; exhilarating: the heady news .
See: precipitate
the quality or condition of being heady
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How to use headiness in a sentence. Example sentences with the word headiness. headiness example sentences.
heading noun banner, caption, head, headline, label, proper title, section, superscription, title, topic. See also: caption, chapter, course, denomination .
head�y (h d) adj. head�i�er, head�i�est. 1. a. Intoxicating or stupefying: heady liqueur. b. Tending to upset the mind or the balance of senses: standing on a .
Acronym Definition; HDG: Heading: HDG: Haus der Geschichte (German) HDG: Hot Dip Galvanized: HdG: Havre de Grace: HDG: Hab Dich Gern (German) HDG: Heavy-Duty Gasoline .
intoxicating or stupefying The cocktail was a heady mixture of spirits. � � tending to upset the mind or senses We looked out from a heady outcrop of .
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heading angle [
How to use heading in a sentence. Example sentences with the headier, headiest, headily, headiness word heading. heading example sentences.
heading [hed�ing] a word or term found at the beginning of all or part of a piece of printed material. Medical Subject h's (MeSH) see MeSH. MeSH h's subject headings.

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