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The future of Gravenstein apples hangs on a thin stem A small group rallies around the dwindling acreage producing the apples even as some Sonoma orchard owners opt .
Activities for August 20-21, 2011 Gravenstein season is short and we celebrate the harvest each year with a weekend full of special activities.
An apple cake, with chunks of Gravenstein apples and pecans, is a wonderful way to welcome Autumn. This cake has a hint of maple sugar and a brown sugar glaze.
Gravenstein apples are thought to have been discovered in the Duke of Augustinberg's garden at Gravenstein in Holstein, Germany. Gravenstein apples are well known for .
By Appointment only (503-651-2622) we have U-PICK and PICKED Apples (only organic gravenstein apples sprays used on the trees) - Crispin (Mutsu) and Gold Rush for $1.00/lb already .
If you're looking for something to do this weekend, head up to

gravenstein apples

Russian River Valley in western Sonoma County and grab the end of the season Gravenstein apples.
Gravenstein is an attractive high-quality dessert and culinary apple, first described in 1797. It is well-known in the USA and northern Europe, and is still grown .
Gravenstein is a variety of apple native to Gr�sten in South Jutland, Denmark. The variety was discovered in 1669 as a chance seedling, although there is some .
Recently Jonathan Kauffman blogged in the SF Weekly about the Slow Food's Gravenstein Apple Promotion: Make a Pie, Save a Tree. Frank used to own an apple .
Apple season is soon coming upon us and after the onslaught of summer stonefruit, I always look forward to slicing a crisp apple into my salads or making cheese/apple .
Growers' ranks have thinned, but it's still possible to find Gravenstein apples.
Supposedly originating in Germany in the late 1600s, Gravenstein is a variety of apple well suited to cooler summer weather. It is common in Germany, Norway and .
Orchard workers in Sebastopol, Calif., harvesting Gravenstein apples, gravenstein apples which are considered the jewel of a once-thriving apple industry in Sonoma County.
Vintage Virginia Apples . from the rich orchard heritage of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains

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